Electronic Arts GmbH FIFA Football 2005 [UK Import]

FIFA Football 2005 [UK Import]

Erscheinungsdatum: 10.08.2004


From the off, its fair to concede that the worlds best-selling action football game, FIFA 2005, hasnt changed an awful lot in the past twelve months. Those who bought the last version will be entirely familiar with the games look and feel, and could rightly argue that once more this new version is an evolution at best. But its still quite a good one. The FIFA series has, in recent times, got into the habit of adding one big new feature each year, with middling successes. Last years, if you remember, was the impressive-but-tricky off the ball control. This year we get a simpler addition, but a far more effective one. Its the first touch option, and it genuinely can open the game up, whether you choose to use it for a quick pass or tighter control. And it works because its straightforward--theres no endless messing around with buttons to get it moving. The rest of the game attracts the usual annual pros and cons. Its presentation is second-to-none, and for a more attacking-focused game, you need look no further. Whats more, the single player mode is substantial, and very long lasting. The downside is the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise which is, and remains, the choice of the hardcore gamer. Yet that doesnt mean theres not fun to be had with FIFA 2005. Quite the contrary, in fact. Every year, FIFA can be relied on to provide an entertaining, engrossing and long-lasting football game. Thus, whilst it might be in second place, and this latest release doesnt change that, it remains a strong and worthwhile runner-up.--Simon Brew

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